Choose Your Own Path to Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Center in FallTaking that first step toward recovery is often the most difficult decision one must make. At Forever Recovered, we have an open-ended addiction treatment program with an average 30 – 90 day stay.

With our addiction treatment program, you can get off to a great start with a solid foundation and an addiction program that you can accept and believe in. Our inpatient rehab program is a new alternative to the typical Minnesota Model 12-step program offered by many addiction treatment centers.  Our programs offer our clients a chance to find their own paths to addiction recovery. You will reap the benefits of this unique and successful approach to rehabilitation.

Rehab Therapies You Will Find at Forever Recovered

Detoxification and Withdrawal in Our Forever Recovered Addiction Rehab Center

Lobby Of Addiction Treatment CenterThe very first part of any addiction rehab must include withdrawing from any immediate effects of the drugs. We have two methods of accomplishing this, a standard withdrawal and medically supervised detoxification. For someone who does not want to experience the full symptoms of opiate withdrawal or individuals on a very high level of alcohol consumption, methadone, or other prescription drugs, the medically supervised detoxification at an inpatient addictions treatment center  is available.

Addiction Treatment & the Body

How Vitamins, Nutrition, and Massage Therapy Work for Rehabilitation

Drugs and abused substances typically block unwanted feelings in a person’s life, but also essentially numb a person to the point where they cannot confront life in general, not just those undesirable parts. After years of past and current substance abuse many clients enter an addiction treatment center  still suffering from the debilitating effects of the drug(s) of choice. Getting the body healthy is a primary concern, and we begin the process the moment the client arrives at one of our addiction rehab centers.

Addiction Treatment & the Mind

Changing the Way We Think and Feel Will Help in Recovery

View of Addiction Treatment Center From The WaterThe second component in treating addiction is treating the mind. Prolonged drug use distorts the user’s thinking, attitude, outlook, and ethics. The addict’s entire existence revolves around their addiction, and the brain needs to be retrained. The addict must change the way they think if  addiction treatments are to be successful.

Inventory and Self-Discovery Addiction Treatment

Be Set Free From Guilt and Shame Brought on by Drug and Alcohol Addiction

An additional component of effective addiction treatment is in our Inventory and Self-Discovery. Here the client explores the series of events, occurrences, changes in belief systems, and choices he has made that have led him into his current condition. Years of abusing drugs or alcohol can lead to guilt, shame and remorse, severe health risks, and more.  It is in our Inventory and Self-Discovery where our clients can finally be free.

Addiction Treatment & the Spirit

Finding a Path that Works for You Will Help in Addiction Treatment

After prolonged periods of addiction, a person’s spirit is broken. Behaviors and actions to obtain drugs are typically less than ethical. Our addiction treatment program allows you to choose the spiritual track that suits your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Financing for Drug Rehabilitation

Unfortunately, many people today find it difficult to afford effective addiction rehab for themselves or their loved ones. At Forever Recovered, we are dedicated to providing the most services at low-cost. After hearing of the comprehensive services that we carry, most people are surprised at the low cost of our open-ended addiction treatment program that has an average 30 – 90 day stay.   It is our mission to employ those who are dedicated to helping others recover from their addiction treatment.   We  can help treat addiction without taking financial advantage of the client or their family. For those who are financially stressed due to economic conditions, we also provide financing for addiction rehabilitation making rehab through our addiction rehabilitation centers an option for those who would otherwise have to settle for less effective addiction treatment solutions.

Become Forever Recovered

As you can see, at our addiction treatment facility we have many treatment options available to treat many types and severity of addictions.  An abundance of supplements to our treatment program helps tailor your path to recovery to best suit your needs and beliefs.  After all, at our addiction treatment facilities, our number one goal is to help our clients become Forever RecoveredCall us today.

Addiction Treatment Success Stories

Now I Have a Better Understanding

I was not aware that my personality and inner self were different. I thought that they were one in the same. Knowing that my inner self has the ability to make the right decisions and the bad things in my personality have been replaced with positive traits is very important. MRT and self-inventory have provided both of these to me. I have learned that the world does not revolve around me, and I am aware of what I have control over and what I don’t. I am aware of the things that could trigger drinking and how to overcome these triggers. I am aware that helping others overcome their addictions will benefit my own recovery as well as theirs. I have a better understanding of how to deal with relationships in the future and how to repair damaged ones.

J.T. 08/17/11

I Learned that I Have Value

Before I came to Forever Recovered I was a very angry, untrustworthy person. I was lying to my family about how much alcohol was affecting my life. I didn’t feel I needed to attend rehab because I was not drinking every day and had no physical symptoms. My parents gave me an ultimatum and I agreed to try Forever Recovered. I did not know what to expect when I walked through the door, and I was very nervous about the whole situation.

I was greeted by a very friendly and professional staff. I was explained what things I would be doing throughout the program and how each specific thing would help me to recover from alcohol. I detoxed from the alcohol and then started in the rehab program with therapy groups and individual therapy sessions. During the MRT I learned about the inner self. I learned that I have value and could still set goals and achieve them. I learned that helping others can help my recovery. I started healing the hurts that my drinking had caused to those closest to me.

I now realize that I have a bright future and can still achieve all the goals I have for my life. I can do them and live happy, joyous, and free from addiction.

A.P. 08/04/11

Addiction Treatment Program as a Foundation to Start a New Life

Before coming to the Forever Recovered program, I was a lost soul.  I was heading down a path of destruction, death, and/or jail.  Heroin was taking me nowhere.  I made a choice to come here on my own because I needed closure.  When the Forever Recovered program gave me my inventory, it was overwhelming to face the past and present at the same time.  Addiction Treatment SuccessBy doing so I came to peace with my inner-self.  Having it burn after my one-on-one review, I felt a sense of peace and closure.  Make the choice to go and burn it was one of the best things I could have done and I faced my demons that brought me here in the first place. The Moral Reconation Therapy books and steps also helped with my closure.  Moral Reconation Therapy broke it down to understanding my own self.  I got close with the caring staff but mostly the clients here are better to go through with because they are fellow addicts and they understand.  I will use my teachings and this addiction treatment program as a foundation to start a new life.  I have become more spiritual with my walk and have become goal oriented.  If you have the guts to face reality then this program will work for anyone.  Thank you Forever Recovered, staff, clients and my family for saving my life.

P.H. 06/15/11

Drug Addiction Prison

I’ve learned so much about myself here.  The self inventory helped me realize that stuff way back in my past really bothered me a lot.  The Moral Reconation Therapy was great and I found it fascinating learning about the prison I had locked myself in and how to escape it.  I’ve seen myself all over the teachings about personality and my inner self.

C.N. 03/17/11

Addiction Treatment Program, Not Like Any Other

Before coming to the Forever Recovered program, I was living my life through my personality and learned the difference between my inner-self and personality.  If I can stay focused on my recovery by attending N-A and meeting with a CT therapist weekly along with a sponsor, I should be able to keep myself away from the people, places and things that have led me to use in the past.  The self-inventory and Moral Reconation Therapy really helped me to look at myself and the issues in my life which has caused me to use.  The Forever Recovered program was a great addiction treatment program, not like any other that I have experienced.

P.C. 03/17/11